Weddings? More than you can imagine!

The thought that inspired this article and part of my choices is that the world is full of lonely people afraid of the future !

SO …

Because I love seeing love around me, this is how I got into weddings! I want to see the forever after in the couples I get to photoshoot or video shoot.

In our days to stay in a relationship and to love the person next to you, it’s  more than just having a relationship, and people give up so easy. It’s being friends first of all, it’s understanding one another beyond the fights you get to have once in a while, it’s taking care of each other and hoping the best for one another. It’s in the small details of making time to have breakfast together, or to watch a movie, go out to dinner or just a walk in the park. It’s also about giving space to one another some times.

At weddings I get to see this relationships, I get to live the emotions of the big day with the bride, I get to be the friends of both the groom and the bride, and to help them really have fun at their wedding.

They get to stress a lot about the family, where will they get dressed, get the rings, get the car,etc.

So even if I am supposed to be just a photographer or just a videographer…it’s never just…

So in the backstage of the wedding day from witch you get to see wonderful photos and videos is this…

Early in the morning

I get to clean the house , because they decided to get dressed in their home..or parents it’s boxes all over the place, the curtains are purple so the light in the room is purple, the room is too small and I need to move the furniture…because my bride wants the kind of photos you usually take in a hotel. This is the main reason I tell them to book an apartment, or a hotel room, or something that is already cleaned up for this kind of things.

Getting ready for the church

The groom comes to take the bride and this is my favorite moment, cause if she listened and didn’t show him the dress…his face at the first look it’s magic.

Than I need to organize everybody and take care of the bride because usually even if she has bridesmaids they are more concerned with helping themselves than helping the bride with the dress, bouquet, and so on.

The church it’s simple..unless one of the bride or groom gets sick..and here also usually nobody does nothing cause they panic…so you need to act again.

The photosession

It’s about being creative. I always ask my couple to take at least 2 hours for this, because you have also the bridesmaids, good father and godmother ( no parents involved in this action or the bride and groom will not have any pictures).

This is why when we get to the restaurant we take photos with every guest so everybody is happy.

After this you think you can relax…but not quite. ..cause sometimes the dress will break and you need to sew it cause nobody knows how….and there is so much more, but you will be reading this for hours..

So for me being a wedding photographer or videographer it’s more than this.

But in the end…in the morning when they came and they hug you in tears thanking you for making their’s worthed! And when you see them again and they are now your friends for life..

This is the magic of life and love and caring for one another! This is my happy ever after!

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