When is creative too creative?

For me it’s never too creative, still, there are some limits I like to keep.

I would call them the limits of good sense. As I start a project, let’s say a campaign, I talk things through with the client, and we think about the location, the light, the makeup and hair, the props, we think also of a theme to make everything bound together, I try not to exaggerate, I need to focus on the product the client is trying to sell, not only on the creativity part. This is where my limits come, as I want everything clean.

I will give you an example of a painting . I was lately at an art gallery, and I remembered why I love the old art so much. I was so impressed by one painting.

An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump by Joseph Wright of Derby, 1768

This is a way of being creative with and without limits. As from one light source the artist is giving every character so much life and face expression. Everything is chaos but yet in such order . From the darkness in the background, to the perfect skin,the choice for the clothes, colours, hair, the moon in the sky all these small details. Everything is so real, that when you look at it, you can feel the emotion and the motion of the characters . That is when creative is at the perfect limit, when you feel The EMOTION!

The way artists used to take a ” photo ” was so complex and yet simple. My photography teacher told that you need to measure 7 times and push the button once. Today we just push the button and something must came out . But I try my best to do my measurement with every project I have, whether is a photoshoot or a video shoot . Never stop yourself from being creative!

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